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What Is The Amount Of Zirconium Beads Added To The Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

What Is The Amount Of Zirconium Beads Added To The Bead Mill

Whether the amount of zirconium beads added in the bead mill is appropriate will directly affect the working efficiency and fineness of the bead mill during grinding. Too little will reduce the efficiency and fineness, and too much will cause problems such as excessive heat generation.

To understand the amount of zirconium beads added to the bead mill, you must first understand the loading ratio.

Because of the differences in the technology of each bead mill manufacturer on the market, the required grinding beads loading ratio is also different. Generally, most bead mill manufacture  loading ratio is 60-70%, But ELE bead mill grinding beads loading ratio of can be 60- 80%. In theory, the higher the loading ratio, the better the grinding fineness efficiency, so the loading ratio is also an important indicator to measure the quality of a bead  mill.

What is the loading ratio? The loading ratio refers to the ratio of the loaded beads to the effective volume in the grinding chamber. So how much loading ratio is appropriate? This is related to the model, grinding fineness, material viscosity and temperature requirements ... we suggest that you consult ELE sales engineers to determine the appropriate loading ratio.

However, the calculation of the loading ratio is the volume rather than the weight. Therefore, in addition to understanding the loading ratio, you must also understand the specific gravity of the zirconium beads. The specific gravity here does not refer to the true specific gravity, it is a bulk weight or bulk density.  Now the question is, what is the bulk density of zirconium beads?

 It depends on which zirconium beads you choose? There are many varieties of zirconium beads on the market, and the quality varies greatly. The common is zirconium silicate beads and pure zirconia beads. ELE bead mill not allowed to add zirconium silicate beads to mill. We recommended to add pure zirconia beads with a zirconium content of more than 95%, with a bulk density of 3.65 -About 3.7g/cm3.

How to measure whether the zirconium beads you choose are pure zirconium oxide beads, Here is a simple test method. After peeling the measuring cup and weighing, take out 100ml of zirconium beads. The specific gravity is about 3.6 when the weighing reaches 360g (human error may exist, it is recommended to measure 3 times). If it is less than 360g, the zirconium beads may not be true pure zirconia beads. 

After understanding the loading ratio and the specific gravity of zirconium beads, the amount of zirconium beads added to the bead  mill can be calculated according to the following formula:

Theoretical addition amount = effective volume of grinding cavity * filling ratio * specific gravity of zirconium beads

In actual application, you can make certain adjustments based on this theoretical addition amount, and ELE  engineers will also set up the best operating parameters for you during on-site debugging.

Special statement: The content described in this article is only for reference by users who have purchased ELE equipment, and may not be used or reproduced without permission.

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