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How Long Does It Take To Replace The Filter Screen Of The ELE Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

How Long Does It Take To Replace The Filter Screen Of The ELE Bead Mill

The filter screen of the bead mill is a very important part. Its function is to keep the grinding beads in the grinding cavity, and the material discharge smooth. As material fineness requirements become finer, the grinding beads used are getting smaller and smaller. This requires higher and higher precision of filter screen area 

However , the filter screen is installed in the grinding chamber , and it is in constant contact with the grinding beads, so normal wear exist. The filter screen of the ELE Bead mill has a unique design, which can minimize the contact and friction of the grinding beads on the filter screen during grinding. There are two aspects. One is the reasonable control of the distance between the center installation and the rotor. On the other hand, the spin-wheel structure of the rotor can quickly separate the grinding beads. Another important factor is the processing design strength of the filter screen itself and the wear resistance of the material. This is also an important reason why the filter screen of the bead mill has been evaluated as good in the industry for so many years.

Under normal circumstances, excluding the factors of material hardness and wear, the use time of the filter is more than 1-2 years. This is the case of 80% bead loading ratio of ELE bead mill. Theoretically, the lower the bead loading ratio, the less wear of the filter screen and the longer the service life.

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