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ELE has the international first-class service system.

In the world today, the service level has become a brand symbol and a sign of strength. “Buy products, to buy services” has become customer general consensus. We seize the sign of the times and market principle, put the service into the same position with the technology update, quality control etc.

Service Content:
1. 24 hours 800 free call service
2. The professional engineer will receive your phone, and will solve your
problems within one hour.
3. Product tracking service
4. Reminding the expiration of the guarantee period
5. Recall service.
6. Repair and replacement
7. Accessories Gallery
8. Customer profiles database

If you need service, please contact with our Service Centre or please fill in the form. ( leave a message)  

When you meet technical problems and need communications

you can contact our engineers directly or write the following information, we will contact you soon
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*Phone: By numbers,”+”,”-”, “-”maximum allowable 20 characters
*Tel: Less than or equal to 32 characters (including 0~9)
Contact Address:
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