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Is It Easy To Clean The Bead Mill After Grinding The Color Paste

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Is It Easy To Clean The Bead Mill After Grinding The Color Paste

The cleaning problem of the bead mill after grinding the color paste is the most troublesome thing for all people who have used grinding mill. The workload is too large, and it takes time and solvent, which is very troublesome. If compare which bead mill is the most convenient for cleaning. The most powerful answer to this question is bead mill operators of color paste

After a lot of survey it was found that most operators said that the cleaning of the bead mill is mainly divided into two parts: one is disassembly and the other is cleaning. In fact, it is not too difficult to clean. Every bead mill is basically the same. As long as it is turned on circulation cleaning or replaced by a set of grinding beads, it is fairly convenient. The most difficult thing is actually disassembly and assembly. Many bead mills spend 80% of the entire cleaning work in disassembly and assembly, resulting in low production efficiency.

The unique design of ELE Bead mill is indeed very user-friendly, especially the design of the upper pull plate of the grinding cavity and the 180-degree rotation without dead angle. This unique humanized design of ELE company makes disassembly and assembly extremely simple. The old-fashioned traditional bead mills are basically designed with double pull rods. The grinding shell is cumbersome to pull and cannot rotate. There is a dead angle in the cleaning of the rotor gear, which makes the cleaning efficiency extremely low.

Another easy disassembly and assembly of ELE bead mill is that all pipelines adopt clamp-type quick connection, which can be disassembled and assembled manually without special tools, which greatly shortens the time of disassembly and assembly.

Operators who have used the ELE Bead mill feedback, convenient, quick and easy to use. Not only the grinding efficiency is high, but the cleaning efficiency is also efficient. Improving efficiency is to improve economy,This is one of the reasons why it is liked by users.

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