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How To Adjust The Grinding Fineness Of ELE Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

How To Adjust The Grinding Fineness Of ELE Bead Mill?

If the grinding fineness of the bead mill can be adjusted?  Yes ,it can be adjusted. 


But it can only be adjusted within a certain range. Why will say that?

Because it depends on the physical properties of the material. The limit fineness that each material formula system can reach is certain. When this limit fineness is reached, it will not be infinitely finer due to the adjustment of the parameters of the bead mill.


Therefore, adjusting the grinding fineness of the bead mill can only aim at this limit fineness, and reach or approach this limit fineness in the shortest possible time. This is the meaning of adjustment. Of course, the first thing is to choose the suitable bead mill, otherwise it will be useless to adjust. Then adjust the operating parameters of the bead mill, such as flow, speed, temperature, pressure, bead size, loading ratio, etc. But if no one knows what the ultimate fineness of this material is?  Then what should we do?


In fact, it is possible to know whether it is close to the limit value of the fineness of ELE bead  mill. When use ELE bead mill, and continuously adjust the operating parameters and grind multiple times, every time it is tested with a laser particle size analyzer, the test results will always have a downward trend. But when the trend of fineness decline is not obvious or there is basically no further decrease, we can consider that it basically reaches or approaches its limit fineness. it basically happens every day in ELE ’s laboratory. Based on this kind of experiment,  Many users also commented: When ELE bead mill can no longer grind, other sand mills basically do not need to be tested.


Want to know how to adjust the grinding fineness of the bead mill? Only by choosing the right bead mill and then truly understanding the operation mechanism of the sand mill can you do it.

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