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Why ELE Bead Mill Equipped Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Polyurethane, High Wear-resistant

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Why ELE Bead Mill Equipped Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Polyurethane, High Wear-resistant Alloy Steel For Options

When customer choosing the bead mill, Customer will feel that there are too many material configurations of the bead mill. Them don’t know choose which one ? In fact, ELE bead  mills are made of zirconia, silicon carbide, polyurethane, high wear-resistant alloy steel and other different options. Customer should choose bead mill according to working purpose

The right bead mill meets your required is the best. It is recommended that you communicate with ELE sales engineers in depth, as their experience in various industries will definitely give you something to gain.

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When customer choosing the material of the bead mill, the main considerations are wear-resistant life, metal pollution, temperature control, applicability to the material, and price. No matter what kind of material will wear during grinding under certain working conditions, there is a difference in the amount of wear per unit time. Don't listen to the fallacy that won't wear out.

First of all, let’s introduce the characteristics of each material. Zirconia is wear-resistant but not easy to dissipate heat. Silicon carbide is wear-resistant and easy to dissipate, but the processing technology has limitations. It is mostly used for grinding shell. Polyurethane is the best wear-resistant material in organics and its chemical stability is also Very good, but not as wear-resistant as inorganic materials such as zirconia silicon carbide, and is most suitable for working conditions where inorganic materials cannot be present. Finally, the most commonly used high wear-resistant alloy steel material has good wear resistance and is low in price compared to the above materials. It is the preferred material when there is no special requirement.

In addition, the quality of the materials is also different. Many suppliers of poor bead mills use zirconia and silicon carbide ceramic manufacturers in small workshops to reduce costs, and their quality cannot meet the high wear resistance requirements of bead mills. This is also one of the important reasons why many users choose the good reputation brand of ELE when choosing bead mills, and users who have used ELE bead mills basically will not choose other brands.

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