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How To Choose The Bead Mill For Different Fineness Requirements

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

How To Choose The Bead Mill For Different Fineness Requirements?

At present, Our company main bead mill types include disc bead mill, pin bead mill, and turbo bead mill.

Normally , the disc bead mill grinding fineness worse than pin type and turbo bead mill. The disc bead mill more used when the fineness requirements are not high, example 10 microns fineness or the micron grade fineness is required..


The pin bead mill is more used for materials with sub-micron and nano-grade requirements less than 5um. However, due to the special structural advantages of the pin bead mill, it is also widely used in the case of high material viscosity. Of course, in other situations, such as improving efficiency, you can also choose a pin bead mill as the object of choice. In short,except for special circumstances, generally the pin type bead mill can do disc bead mill work


With the continuous development of Bead mills, and to meet higher requirements for fineness, efficiency, and fineness distribution of materials, the emergence of ELE turbo-type bead mills is that the various indicators of the current three bead mills are more outstanding. More balanced. In other words, if you not only have finer requirements for fineness, but also want narrower distribution, then you can consider a turbo bead mill

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