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How To Choose The Suitable Bead Mill According To The Capacity Requirements

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

How To Choose The Suitable Bead Mill According To The Capacity Requirements

Commonly used production bead mills are 5L, 10L, 15L, 30L, 50L, 100L, etc. 

This refers to the volume of the grinding chamber of the bead mill, However, many user no idea about what is the relationship between this grinding volume and the production capacity of bead mill

In fact, the volume liter of the grinding cavity only determines the amount of material passing through the grinding cavity per hour, that is what we usually call the flow rate, But the flow rate is not equal to the capacity at most time, Most materials, especially that require very fine fineness, 

such as nano size, this kind of fineness requirements cannot be achieved once in the grinding machine. Then choose bead mill must consider characteristics of the material and the fineness requirements . For example, the flow ability of the material, the viscosity, the original particle size of the raw material distance of the target fineness, all need to be considered.

Exactly, the specific capacity requirements and the selection of bead mill volume are more based on experience data , or actually calculated by the grinding data of the material, generally based on the number of grinding times to achieve the target fineness as a parameter, some materials need coarse grinding one times , this materials flow rate is equal to capacity ,

for most materials, need grinding 2 or 3 times ,plus the theoretical flow of bead mill ,Then can be choose bead mill .And different material will have differences in real working capacity 

Therefore, as professional bead mill manufacturers, the large amounts of data accumulated in various industries are very important to users. So communication with the professional sales engineers of the bead mill manufacturer are particularly important when selecting bead mil. Sales engineer can quickly and efficiently help you to successfully select suitable bead mill to avoid large discrepancies in output. 


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