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How Does A Bead Mill Work

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

How Does A Bead Mill Work

Horizontal bead mill is wet grinding machine for continuous production. The working way is:

Feeding pump: like diaphragm pump or gear pump, to transferring the material into the grinding chamber which is filled with grinding media (normally it is Zirconia Beads, glass beads or steel beads. We recommend you 95% zirconia content Zirconia beads).

Grinding: These beads move along with high speed Grinding disc. The grinding beads hit against the material which needs to be grinded with high power.

Discharge: After thousands of times hitting, the material will get smaller particle size, and then it will be separated with the beads by a special sieve which installed in the middle of the grinding chamber cover.

Compared to three-roller mill, bead mill doesn’t need high working skill, easy to operate, and bead mill can work continuously on production line, by this way, using bead mill, you will get high quality product, and lower cost.

On the market, there are several types bead mill such as: disc type bead mill, pin type bead mill, turbo type bead mill, and each type have different size, to satisfy different customer’s need: different product, different viscosity, different working capacity….

In all, bead mill is now widely used in Industry such as: paint, ink, medicine, food, cosmetics, pesticide… 

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