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What Is The Difference Between Nano Bead Mill And Ordinary Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

What Is The Difference Between Nano Bead Mill And Ordinary Bead Mill?

Nano bead mill are not actually developed in recent years. Nano bead mill appeared internationally as early as 2000. As an application of high-end technology, they play an important role in many fine chemicals and new materials,However, Until 2006 that nano bead mill were realized in China. In particular, the early domestic nano bead mill manufacturers represented by Shanghai ELE Company, under long-term R&D development and promotion, Only then has the nanometer sand mill been rapidly applied in a large number of domestic applications, and today it has been exported to the international market in large quantities.

At present, many users said that there seem to be many manufacturers of nano bead mills that can be find in China, but after purchasing and using them are not satisfactory. The problem lies in the fact that users know very little about nano bead mill. In fact, there are very few manufacturers on the market that have the real quality of nano-level ,This will be analyzed from the technical level of the nano bead mill, and then I will explain to you, what is the difference between the nano bead mill and the ordinary mill? At the same time, also talk about the key technical problems that the two cores of the nano bead mill are difficult to overcome.

First of all, from the actual fineness index of the material be grinding (on the basis of the mature and feasible technology of its own material formula). In a broad sense, a nano-bead mill can be called a nano bead mill if it can reach 1 micron or less, but in a strict sense, it needs to be 200 nanometers or less to be truly called a nano-bead mill. Although there is no relevant standard, there is such a consensus in the industry. In fact, it is intuitive and easy for users to use the fineness index to measure whether the nano bead mill is more intuitive and easy to accept, but because of the uncertainty of the material, the fineness index is actually not too scientific and not too accurate. 

So, is there a measure of the equipment itself to judge whether it is a real nano bead mill? Of course there are, and there are many indicators. Here are two important indicators that are easy for users to accept.

The first is to look at the energy of the bead mill, which can be divided into two aspects: energy density and linear velocity . The use of high energy grinding does improve the fineness efficiency a lot, but the technical difficulty here is whether the material is durable or not. Yes, whether the processing accuracy can be achieved. Simply put, it is the motor power and the diameter of the grinding cavity. This index can identify the vast majority of fake nano bead mills on the market, especially some low-end pin type bead mills, which are also called "pseudo pin bead mills" in the industry. The cavity diameter is about the same size as a traditional disc bead mill)

The second is to see if the smallest grinding medium can be 0.1mm. In theory, the smaller the grinding media, the finer the grinding fineness. The technical difficulty here is that the smaller the medium, the higher and higher the requirements for mechanical seals. The mechanical seal of the 0.1mm small bead medium (ELE patent) and the seal used for the large bead medium are completely two-level seals. The level of technical content is much higher, and the two are not comparable. There is also the contradiction between the accuracy of the discharge separator and the size of the discharge area. The smaller the grinding media, the more precise the separator is. This is also the hard index of the nano bead mill and an important manifestation of the precision of the nano bead mill.

Finally, after understanding the above two points, when choosing a nano bead mill, it is recommended to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection, mainly to look at the structure and processing process. The above two points are also very easy for users to intuitively judge. Basically, you can avoid choosing fake nano bead mill. Other indicators for measuring nano bead mills are not listed here. You can directly consult ELE sales engineers .

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