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Why Some Pin Type Bead Mill Not As Fine As The ELE Pin Type Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Why Some Pin Type Bead Mill Not As Fine As The ELE Pin Type Bead Mill?

The emergence of the pin bead mill has completely changed the original traditional horizontal bead mill where the fineness can only be ground to the micron level. The most fundamental reason is to increase the energy input, so that the grinding kinetic energy in the grinding chamber is greater. The rotor commonly used in the original traditional horizontal bead mill is basically a disc structure. The mechanism of grinding mainly relies on the friction of the grinding disc to drive the beads. The impact force is small. The rotor structure of the pin bead mill is a rod and nail structure. The grinding mechanism mainly depends on the percussion force of the rod pin,The instantaneous impact force is extremely large, so that the grinding medium obtains huge kinetic energy. The medium collides with each other at high speed, friction and squeezes so that the material is quickly ground fine.

Of course, this is only an analysis from the difference in rotor structure. In fact, many bead mill counterparts only know one thing, but they do not know the other, and blindly imitate. Therefore, many manufacturers of "pseudo pin type bead mill" have appeared in the industry."pseudo pin type bead mil’’ is mostly just modified from the rotor structure on the basis of the original traditional disc bead mill. The original disc is simply converted into a rod pin structure, while the others are unchanged, just looking like rod-pin bead mill. But is not at all. The price is also much lower than the real pin type bead mill, but higher than the traditional disc type bead mill, and the use effect is naturally the same as that of the traditional disc type bead mill, which makes many users who have unknown reasons suffer fooled.

So many users will ask: "Why are some pin type bead mill not as fine as the ELE pin type bead mill?" Next, I will give a simple answer to this question. First of all, the kinetic energy and linear velocity should be large, which is manifested by the large motor power, large rotor diameter, and more wear-resistant materials. Secondly, the bead filling ratio is high and the bead is small, which is reflected in the design strength and precision of the machine, the more precise separation structure, and the more durable mechanical seal. This is the main reason why some pin type bead mill are not as fine as the ELE pin type bead mill. Detailed details can be further communicated with ELE sales engineer.

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