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Is There Much Residual Material In The Grinding Chamber Of The Bead Mill

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Is There Much Residual Material In The Grinding Chamber Of The Bead Mill?

The residual amount of materials has always been a general concern of users, and the amount of residual amount is also an important indicator to measure the rationality and cost-effectiveness of a piece of equipment.

However, ELE Bead mills have fully considered this detail at the beginning of the design. First, when designing the pipeline, minimize the length of the pipeline and increase the number of quick connections. The design of the grinding cavity also follows the golden section aspect ratio design, which not only ensures the maximum grinding efficiency, but also minimizes the ineffective grinding area of the material, which is to reduce the residual material.


In addition, there is another important factor, which is the loading ratio of the grinding beads. Compared with the traditional bead mill, the loading ratio of grinding beads is higher. In other words, the remaining material space is less, so that the residual amount of the material is reduced to the greatest extent.


In fact, compared with other bead mills in the industry, the residual amount of material of the ELE bead mill has a relatively large advantage, accounting for about 12-16% of the volume of the grinding chamber.


In practical applications, bead mills are usually widely used in mass, continuous production. Therefore, there will be no regular cleaning, which will cause a lot of waste of residual materials. If there are special circumstances, such as small-batch multi-variety production, the need to replace the product, the frequency of cleaning is high, or the product value is high, and waste is not allowed, then we recommends you to consider ELE development for this situation Another high-efficiency grinding equipment---basket bead mill

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