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Application Of Basket Mill In Coatings Production

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Application Of Basket Mill In Coatings Production

The process of coating production is to mix solid particles of pigments and fillers into liquid coatings to form a uniform and fine suspension dispersion. The original particles of pigments and fillers are very small, and their size is about 0.01-2 um. Because the raw particles often bind to each other to form aggregates (secondary particles) in the process of processing and storage and transportation, the particle size may increase to more than 100 um. Therefore, it is necessary to remove aggregates and disperse them stably and evenly in paint manufacturing. Medium. In the production process of coatings, the selected grinding and dispersing equipment plays a very important role in the dispersion state of pigments in coatings, the best performance of pigments (coloring power, covering power, weatherability, etc.), and the resulting performance of coatings and coatings.

Therefore, how to improve the dispersion effect, develop and use efficient dispersing equipment, and select high-quality raw materials and the best formulation in the production of coatings have become one of the important topics in the production of coatings. Pre-dispersion is usually used in the production of coatings, which is mainly composed of mixing and plays a certain role in dispersion. At present, the most widely used pre-dispersion equipment is high-speed disperser, and this process is a preparatory process for fine grinding. Major equipment for the production of coatings for grinding and dispersing equipment.

At present, there are many types, such as vertical grinder, horizontal grinder, three-roll grinder and so on. The basket grinder described in this paper is the grinding and dispersing equipment in paint production. Paint. Filter packaging. Compared with horizontal and vertical grinders which have been used in paint industry for decades, basket grinder is a new equipment used in recent years.

A basket is fixed on the head of the basket grinder, in which the grinding medium is filled. When working, the grinding basket is immersed in the slurry. The stirring rod in the grinding basket moves at high speed and produces strong suction. The slurry is sucked into the basket with grinding medium for dispersion and grinding. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material in the basket is thrown out of the basket to form a high efficiency circular grinding. Compared with the traditional horizontal and vertical grinders, the basket grinder does not need pumps and pipeline systems. The grinding basket can be lifted, cleaned and repaired conveniently, and it is easy to change colors, with less residue, high grinding efficiency and fine fineness. The production of basket grinder is a supplement to the limitations of traditional grinding equipment such as horizontal grinder and vertical grinder. There are also enterprises in China actively engaged in the manufacture and research of basket grinders. The application of basket grinder has been widely used in paint industry since the advent of sand grinder. Horizontal grinder, vertical grinder and earlier three-roll grinder have different functions to meet the different needs of paint production. However, there are also different limitations. For example, the disperser can only be used for pre-dispersing middle and high-grade coatings, but can not achieve the pulverizing effect of slurry required for middle and high-grade coatings; sand mill: can be continuously produced, but not suitable for processing difficult dispersible pigments such as carbon black and iron blue; slurry is difficult to process when its viscosity is high; it is difficult to clean and residual when changing colors, which is the limitation of sand mill;

Three-roll grinder: Suitable for processing high viscosity slurry and difficult to disperse pigments. But the open operation makes the working environment worse, the operation safety worse and the dispersed material loss bigger, the structure is complex, the debugging is difficult, and the production efficiency is low. Based on the above factors, the basket grinder has been widely used in paint production with its convenience and high efficiency since it came out.

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