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Band Mill Applications

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Band Mill Applications

Bead mill is with high efficiency, strong continuity of work shell, with cooling systems at with grinding chamber & end face cooling system & feeding pipe.

High efficiency, easy to operation. Grinding efficiency depends on the structure of dispersion disc. Compared with similar products, the structure of our dispersion disc is designed to contact more with zirconia beads, producing larger force and achieving better effect. The series is superior in safety performance to other pin bead/sand mill. After the mill has been used for a period of time, when the contact part between disc and chamber gets worn, the service life of chamber can be prolonged by adjusting the position of dispersion disc or cutting off a small portion of dispersion disc rim. The shell and end face are equipped with cooling system that can help cooling materials. With pressure protection, which can be adjusted according to the material viscosity. Imported zirconia beads ensure excellent grinding effect. Grinding medium: highly wear-resistant zirconia beads. CE and ISO 9001 certificated.

Application Fields

· Printing inks, Flexo inks, Jet inks

· Paints

· Leather chemicals

· Pigment preparation

· Filler

· Agricultural chemicals

· Chocolate

· Foods: Cocoa beans, Soy protein, Vitamins

· Cosmetics: Foundation, Sunscreen, Eye shadow

· Biodiesel: Breakage of Algae

· Pesticides 

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