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High Speed Disperser Application

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

High Speed Disperser Application

The disperser is broadly a type of mixer. Due to the use of a high-speed agitator (such as a circular sawtooth type agitator), a strong turbulent flow can be formed locally, and the material has a strong dispersing emulsification effect. Therefore, this type of high speed mixer is also called a disperser. The dispersing machine is mainly divided into a lifting dispersing machine and a dispersing machine for the kettle. The lifting dispersing machine can be further divided into: a hydraulic lifting dispersing machine, a pneumatic lifting dispersing machine, a hand lifting dispersing machine and the like according to the lifting method.

High-speed dispersing machine is widely used in coatings, solids for mixing, dissolving and dissolving high-efficiency equipment. It is widely used in chemical products such as coatings, inks, pigments and adhesives. The machine consists of hydraulic system, main drive, mixing system, guiding mechanism and electric control box. Part of the composition, each part is compact and reasonable. Dispersion disc type: flat-disk serrated, three-finger paddle, dish, and other forms.

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