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What Are The More Common Production Lines For Mixers

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

What Are The More Common Production Lines For Mixers?

You should be familiar with mixers, because mixers are still widely used in the industrial field. However, there are many production lines for mixers. Do you know that?

1. Tower dry mortar production line

Tower dry mortar production line is usually equipped with corresponding equipment from top to bottom, followed by sand screening machine, storage bin, feeder, measuring bucket, mixer, packaging machine and stacking conveyor. Raise all pre-processed raw materials to the top of the raw material bin. The raw materials flow out of the bin depending on their own gravity. After computer batching, screw conveying metering, mixer mixing and packaging, they are stored in the finished warehouse or loaded in bulk truck. All the production is operated by the central computer control system and the ingredients are refined. High degree, flexible use, the use of closed production system equipment to make the site clean, dust-free pollution.

This dry mortar mixer production line structure investment is relatively high. Suitable for the production of various dry mortar, especially a variety of fine dry mortar production. The equipment covers a small area.

2. Stepped dry mortar production line

The stepped dry mortar production line moves the raw material storage from the top of the mixer to the ground. The raw material measurement is also set under the storage bin. The measured material is lifted to the mixer twice by the bucket elevator. In order to reduce the lifting time and prolong the production cycle, an intermediate warehouse is set up above the mixer to make the metering, mixing and packaging run parallel.

In order to avoid the proportioning error caused by the residue of the hoist and the raw materials with less dosage of additives, the storage and metering devices are still set above the mixer. The two-step layout of dry-mixed mortar production equipment reduces the load-bearing capacity of steel structure and the height of main building construction, and greatly reduces the project. The stepped dry powder production line is suitable for the production of ordinary dry mortar with flexible layout and medium equipment area.

3. Integrated Dry Mortar Production Line

The integrated dry mortar production line puts the sand silo on the ground, and after measurement, it is lifted to the temporary storage above the mixer by a bucket elevator and put into the mixer for mixing. Cement, lime and other raw materials are transported to the measuring scale above the mixer by a solenoid conveyor for measurement. The small feed additives are still stored in the additive bin arranged on the upper part of the mixer. This form is suitable for the production of many kinds of ordinary dry mixed mortar and special mortar products, with medium equipment area.

4. Simplified form

Simple type is suitable for producing single type of special mortar. The site occupies a small area. Low degree of automation.

In summary, there are still many production lines of mixer. All of the above are summarized by small editions. You can have a simple look at them. I believe it will be helpful.

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