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What Is The Homogenizer

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

What Is The Homogenizer?

In the preparation of paint coatings or emulsions, solid-liquid or liquid-liquid two-phase systems must form suspensions or emulsions under strong mechanical action. All mixing devices that can perform this function are collectively called homogenizers.

In homogenizer, two-phase mixing mainly relies on shear force. There are two ways: (1) forcing liquid mixture to shear through a slit with a hard surface; and using the impact and eddy current caused by high-speed rotating blades to shear. Colloidal mill, vibration ball mill, grinder and so on can be used as homogenizer. There are many industrial chains in China, such as low production concentration, low R&D capability of high-end products, low manufacturing technology level of homogenizer industry, etc. The deficit of import and export trade continues to expand. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the government will continue to intensify the nationalization of high-end equipment parts and components in the homogenizer industry. The homogenizer is to change the shape and size of the hole by using the displacement of the taper rod of the variable-hole device in the through hole. It can be installed in the circulating pipeline of the production device for colloidal application without frequent removal of the orifice plate and cleaning. Homogenization and dispersion of substances and liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixtures that are difficult to mix have been devoted to the promotion and research of high-quality industrial mixing equipment, the application of mixing, stirring, dispersion, homogenization, emulsification and grinding in the experiment or industrial production process by enterprises and scientific research institutes, and the experiment of product line coverage. Model-pilot-production-complete system.

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