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Application Of Homogenizer

Published: 2022-08-30                    Author:

Application Of Homogenizer

Cream, cosmetics, toothpaste, fruit juice, salt solution, catalyst, polymer emulsion, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.

Equipment series: mixer, mixer, disperser, emulsifier, shearing machine, homogenizer, grinder, colloid mill

Grinding equipment, homogenizing equipment, shearing equipment, emulsifying equipment, dispersing equipment, mixing equipment, mixing equipment, solid-liquid mixing equipment, powder-liquid mixing equipment, powder mixer, mixing disperser, dispersing emulsifier, shearing emulsifier, emulsifying homogenizer, shearing homogenizer, mixing agitator, high shearing emulsifier, high shearing Cutting and dispersing machine, high shear mixing equipment, high shear emulsifying and dispersing equipment, high shear emulsifying and homogenizing equipment

Series of equipment: on-line, batch, pipeline, pipeline, continuous semi-continuous

Application Scope of Series Equipment: Laboratory Pilot Plant Mass Production

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