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Basket Mill For Gravure Ink

The Nano grade basket mill is suitable for gravure ink production. Disperser and wet grinding together. Easy to change color and change products  


High performance and high energy

Multiple cooling system, with cooling basket and cooling container

Nano particle size could be reached

Special Anti-reflux device, no beads leaking

Special smaller discharge sieve design, which can adopt smaller grinding beads, get finer particle size and particle size distribution is Narrow

Do Not need feeding pump, pipes and valves, no residual, high production capacity

Professional technical supports & Processing Machines

Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.

We have lathes, grinder, drilling machine, boring machine, polishing machine, milling machine…etc.


Fine process center

Fine process center

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Basket Mill

● Two in one machine save your cost

● Getting higher efficiency production capability: Stable continuous working, smoothly discharge, smoothly production, high energy, short the grinding time.

● Getting higher quality products: Narrow particle size distribution and finner particle size makes higher quality products

● Good after-sales-service let you no worries

● Low maintenance cost

Product Introduction

The Basket Mill Machine is a wet mill that combines dispersion and grinding. It is a continuous batch processing system. The entire grinding process is carried out in the same container. Can achieve ultra-fine grinding. Suitable for mass production, very suitable for different colors, easy to change colors and change products.

ELE: Your Leading Basket Mill Machine Manufacturers

1.Over 20 Years Manufacturing Experience

Shanghai ELE ,  with R&D, factory, global sales, engineers and market together , is the largest manufacturer of wet grinding & fluid mixing machine located in Shanghai over 20 years.

2.Advanced production equipment

High-quality machine can't live without high accurancy. Our machine is manufactured by precision grinder machine, lathe machines, boring machine, polishing machine, drilling machine, rolling machine, milling machines, CNC machines.

3.Quality Control

1).We start from the screening of raw materials for machine production. All carbon steel bodies, stainless steel main working bodies and other accessories are from famous iron and steel foundries in China. Each batch of raw materials is supplied with material test report, and the composition of carbon steel must meet the requirements of American Standard 1045 and din C45. Stainless steel must meet the requirements of American Standard ASTM a240 and Din1.4301 (x5crni18-10).

2). Each step of cutting, grinding, stamping, bending, punching and welding has ELE drawing specifications. ELE company has high-precision machine tools, each operator has more than 15 years of experience. The machining standard center of each part has its own characteristics, especially in the plane. In the process of crankshaft machining, the accuracy is strictly controlled within plus or minus 0.01mm. In order to reduce the possibility of liquid leakage, we almost all use chamfer welding. This also Indirectly makes our processing cost is higher than that of most of our peers.

3). At the same time to ensure the processing pass rate, assembly specification and staff proficiency is particularly important. In the aspect of shaft seal that customers pay most attention to, ELE has its own completed set of specifications have been summarized for many years to ensure that each bearing seal fits perfectly with the bearing. No leakage occurred.

4). We have special personnel to monitor and inspect all production links. Once any non-standard or unqualified products are found, they will be reworked or scrapped at the first time. Prevent it from flowing into the next link and affecting the quality of final products.

4.Reputation certification

ELE® Company has been certified by the society by virtue of its excellent quality and excellent performance in the industry .

ELE has obtained CE ,SGS Certification, also support other third-party by ISO,BV ...

ELE is the only manufacturer who has its own mechanical seal patent in Shanghai.  Patent No.: 201610459850.7

5.Continuous research and innovation capabilities

For basket mill, we continue to research and develop new technology. The following basket mill model was developed by ELE since several years ago which has huge advantages: 1.Beads loading ratio:The maximum can meet to 70%-75% (95% zirconium bead) without beads leaking and motor current overload 2.Smaller beads: it can use 0.6mm beads to grind material.we once met to 700 nano for grinding color paste.(0.3-0.5mm is workable for some materials) 3.Special desigh for beads leaking: we mount a one-way device on inlet to prevent bead from leaking. 4.New structure:Vertical tubular structure separator with new materials shaft sealing,which can avoid beads entering into gap between shaft and shaft can protect shaft and reduce beads smashing dramatically.For more details, pls check the picture below.


1.Before order, customer can take materials to our lab and make test grindings, spot-testing parameters like particle size distribution, obtain reliable data for model selection;

2.We provide you opeatian manual by chinese or English;

3.We offer you Videos for equipment installation and maintenance in both English and Chinese;

4.With three years of spare parts inventory to ensure normal use and make you to be in trouble free;

5.Within 12-months warranty period, we promise to change damaged parts free of charge by air or by sea;

6.After delivery, our professional engineer will offer on-site guidance debugging free of charge, according to different characteristic of materials, to set up the operational parameters of the mill and ensure optimal grinding quality & equipment running status;

7.After the warranty period, we provide maintenance and maintenance service, only charge the cost;

8.Meanwhile, our skillful grinding experts can offer you free professional technical consulting and service.

7.Market Feedback

Customer Reviews

We have received high praise from many customers in Europe and America. In particular, after using our new jacket structure of the basket mill, Mr. Aldo De Luca, the owner of a century old ink factory in Italy, sincerely said that compared with other European brands, ELE basket mill is more cost-effective. With the same power and material, the grinding effect of ELE new structure jacket basket mill is no less than that of European brand. Especially in 1-10 micron low viscosity ink grinding even better. On the basis of the same investment budget, ELE brand is a better choice.

What is basket mill?  

ELE EBM-Series basket mill is a wet grinding machine that combines grinding and dispersing together, widely used in inks, paints,coatings, color paste production and other related industries. It can achieve ultra-fine grinding effect.  It has unique self-absorbing impeller design, smoothly feeding , with anti-reflux device, no beads leaking, smaller sieve design, which can used smaller grinding beads, get finer particle size and narrow particle size distribution.

Working Principle:

When motor drives the shaft at a high speed , the upper part of basket chamber appears votex and a strong suction force was generated by self-absorbing impeller,  thus materials is inhaled into inner chamber. The beads driven by pins inside the chamber produces force in all directions and sunder material through constant collision and friction. After materials out from sieve generator, it will be dispersed by high speed disc and returns to basket chamber repeating grinding cycle. That is why smaller particle size and narrower particle distribution can be achieved finally.

What are the Advantages of Basket Mill Machine?

● Conveniet and flexible to operate.

● Easy to clean for changing colors. So it is the best mill for paint and ink production with many colors.

● No need do pre-mixing. It can do mixing and grinding together.

With special anti-reflux device and smaller sieve design. No leaking and stucking of zirconia beads.

● Can be used under different temperature requirements because the basket is double layer structure, which can pass cooling water or heating liquid.

● High performance and high energy

● Multiple cooling system, with cooling basket and cooling container

● Fineness can reach nanometer level,

● Special Anti-reflux device, no beads leaking

● Unique self-absorbing impeller design, smoothly feeding,

● No blocking beads, no breaking beads.

● Special smaller discharge sieve design, which can adopt smaller grinding beads, get finer particle size and Narrow particle size distributions.

Are there Limitations of Basket Mill Machine?

Yes.The basket volume is limited , resulting in limited weight of  materials processed per batch. And it can't be used in continuous production because it need transfer materials firstly and then put new material in every time.  And after grinding, manual cleaning is required so there are labor costs. Besides, compared to bead mill, beads filling ratio of basket mill  is lower the final particle size distribution will be wider.

What is Basket Mill Machine used for?

◆ Coating: Water-based coating, Solvent-based coating, Decorative Coating, Latex paint;

◆ Paint: Car Paint, Finish paint, Wood paint, Industrial paint;

◆ Ink: Gravure Printing ink, Flexographic ink, Offset printing ink, Silk screen ink, UV light solid ink, Digital inkjet ink etc;

◆ Pigment: Dye, Color painted pigment, Pen liquid,Watercolor;

◆ Electronic Materials: Battery diaphragm alumina, Lithium iron phosphate, Ceramic slurry, Flame retardant;

◆ Food Industry: Chocolate Syrup, Paste etc;

◆ Pesticide: Pesticide suspension, EC, EW, ME;

◆ Daily Chemical Industry: Cosmetics, Liquid soap,-Shower gel, Liquid detergent etc;

◆ Biological Medicine: Algae cell fragmentation, Microbiological functional materials;

◆ Nano Materials: metal oxide, Magnetic Materials, Paper industry, Optoelectronic industry.

Which are the Parts of Basket Mill Machine?

The basket mill is mainly composed of the following parts :

● Electrical system ( Motor,  Inverter, Electric control box, Site Control Panel  )

● Transmission system  ( V-belt , Main Shaft )

● Grinding sytems ( grinding basket, grinding beads ,dispersion disc )

● Commonly used wearing parts : dispersion disc ,shaft bush, O-ring etc

How do you Achieve Powder Homogenization using Basket Mill Machine?

First raise basket mill, put your tank under basket ,add suitable water or solvent

Then decline basket mill until its basket higher a little than water , you can add your

powder from side of tank ,  that powder will be well dispersed by basket disperser disc , then decline basket to tank centre , cyclic grinding materials , output slurry can achieve powder homogenization

Which other Technologies can Replace Basket Mill Machine?

Basket mill is a good grinding mill for batch materials, But basket mill have its limitation, when you have single color material large capacity need continuous process operation, Horizontal bead mill is best machine replace basket mill.

How does Basket Mill Machine work?

The working principle of the basket grinder is the high-speed suction of the self-priming impeller → the extremely fine grinding in the grinding basket → the high-speed rotation of the dispersing disc to produce dispersion, mixing, and circulation effects → thus forming a high-efficiency cycle of suction, grinding and discharging.

Feeding: impeller rotate in high speed, create powerful suction and vortex, push the material into the grinding basket

Grinding: grinding pins on the shaft rotate in high speed, push the zirconia beads inside the grinding basket in fast movement, collide the material, hit the material, impact the material, create impact force, friction force, shearing force to the material, break the aggregation, reach finer particle size.

Disperser: Disperser disc rotate in high speed, create centrifugal force, force the material from the grinding basket out, getting dispersion force.

The problem of material turning is avoided, the dead angle of circulation is avoided, and excellent grinding effect can be obtained in a short time. Suitable for small batch production (easy to change color), pre-dispersion and grinding can be completed in a paint slurry tank. The speed of the main shaft can be adjusted, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the auxiliary equipment is less, the cleaning is convenient, and the grinding medium is easy to change.

How many Types of Basket Mill Machine are there?

How do you Troubleshoot Basket Mill Machine?

When customer are using the machine, if the motor doesn't work, firstly check whether the power supply plug is connected, whether the connector is loose; whether the converter operation is normal or not. If after the breakdown mentioned above are eliminated, it still cannot work normally. Ask professionals to maintain it or contact with our after-sales service department. Don't ask the person who is not familiar with the machine to dismount the machine in case of an accident.

Which Factors Control Particle Sizes in Basket Mill Machine?

1.Grinding energy density

2.Effective grinding Area

3.Bead size/Bead type

4.Bead filling rate

5.Linear spead

6.Inner structure

7.Materials feature ,viscosity,formulation

8.Other factors

Which Factors Determine Quality Basket Mill Machine output?

Talking About the Basket Mill machine output, we have to say the final particle size, The main function of basket is to reduce the particle size to the required size like 5microns, 2microns, 1 micron or even nanometers. The factors to determine the final particle size is below:

1) Bead size: usually, smaller beads size, smaller final particle size, so the basket mill could use smaller size beads is very important, our ELE basket mill adopt new constructure, with special screen which could be smaller gap size, so that we could use smaller bead size.

2)Bead filling ratio: More beads filling ratio could create more shearing force, more impact force and more hitting force and more friction force, could get finer particle size, our ELE basket mill could reach bead filling ratio to be 80%.

3)Kinetic energy: decided by motor power

4)No leaking beads, no beads stuck, our ELE basket mill adopt a special anti-reflux device, no beads leaking, no beads stuck, guarantee the stable production.

5)Temperature: for finer particle size, usually higher temperature will create the aggregation, our ELE basket mill provide multiple cooling system, a) grinding basket with jacket b) tank with jacket for cooling.

What Influences the Capacity of  Basket Mill Machine?

Above questions talking about the five factors determine the output and final particle size of basket mill, like beads size, filling ratio, kinetic energy, temperature and anti-reflux device. All above factors effected by the accuracy and the structure, The new structure make the beads grinding at active area, prevent the useless working by old structure, increase the performance. The accuracy between the three support rods for the grinding basket, the accuracy between the shaft and bearing and the shaft sleeve. Guarantee stable working and continuous production.

Can Basket Mill Machine Produce Intermediate Grades of Particles?

Yes, from micron level 1-50 microns, to nanometer level 500-800nm.

Basket mill is suitable for grinding paints, coating, ink, and related chemical material, the grinding beads can use from 0.2mm-2.4mm, it is suitable for different particle size requirements.

Which Material is used to make Basket Mill Machine Contact Parts?

1)     Harden Alloy Steel

2)     Ceramic type

The basket mill contact parts generally uses SS304 or SS316L stainless steel, also some acid material can choose to use anti acid material such ceramic and PP, the grinding parts uses hard alloy steel or ceramic.

Cearmic generally refers to ziconia oxide grinding peg or dics, silicone carbide inner chamber, it's used for anti metal or color contamination.

What are the Properties of Materials you can Process using Basket Mill machine?

According to many years of experimental experience of ELE Company. the new structure basket mill has the advantages of short grinding time and narrow particle size distribution when the viscosity value is lower than 8000cps and the target particle size of the material is 0.8-15 microns. At the same time, the cooling system of basket jacket and material cylinder block can solve the influence of high temperature on grinding effect to a greater extent. Especially for the grinding of some heat sensitive materials, the minimum controllable range is 23 ~ 30 ℃. This is the technical difficulty that most competitors can't match.

How do you Charge and Discharge Material from Basket Mill machine?

Raise the basket before preparing the material for grinding, pour the proportioned liquid into the tank first, and then slowly pour the powder material against the edge of the barrel wall. And the mixture should not be too full. It is generally recommended to add about 80% of the cylinder volume.

After all the main materials are added to the cylinder, slowly put down the basket body until the liquid level completely over the dispersion plate and reach the height of the basket body about 8~10cm.

Start the machine at low speed and rotate at low speed for 1 minute, then slowly let the basket body completely penetrate the material to increase the speed. After the grinding is completed, the customer can choose the method of gravity discharge or conveying pump discharge. We have designed a discharge hole on the lower side of each cylinder to install a discharge valve.

At the same time, the cylinder bottom inclination angle design greatly reduces material residue and is easy to clean.

How to choose a suitable basket mill ?

Please contact our sales and inform him/her below information:

What kind of products you will grind? Water based or solvent based

What is the viscosity? How many cps ?

What is the final particle size you want to reach? How many microns?

What is the initial particle size? How many microns?

Do you have any other requirements, like vacuum, heating …..etc

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