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Electrical Lifting High Speed Disperser



Electric cabinet

The machine is well-designed for a small amount of material

The Electrical frame is easy to operate and flexible lifting

The clamp which is simple and useful can fix the mixing tank;use more reliable and more safe

Movable site design to facilitate ,the deployment of production,better fit the actual production demand.

Modular assemble,to make installation and maintenance faster ad more convenient.

Variety of configurations can be customized according to your actual need


Ink:Gravure Printing ink, Flexographic ink, Offset printing ink, Silk screen ink, UV light solid ink, Digital inkjet ink etc;

Pigment: Dye, Color painted pigment, Pen liquid,Watercolor;

Daily Chemical Industry: Cosmetics, Liquid soap, Shower gel, Liquid detergent etc;

Biological Medicine: Algae cell fragmentation, Micro-biological functional materials;

Professional technical supports & Processing Machines

Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.

We have lathes, grinder, drilling machine, boring machine, polishing machine, milling machine…etc.


Fine process center

Fine process center

Polishing center



Maintenance & Services

1.We provide you opeatian manual by chinese or English;

2.We offer you Videos for equipment installation and maintenance in both English and Chinese;

3.With three years of spare parts inventory to ensure normal use and make you to be in trouble free;

4.After the warranty period, we provide maintenance and maintenance service, only charge the cost;

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