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Bead mills

Production line

Paint Production Line

Over the decades, paint and coating industries improved a lot, no matter from formulation, particle size request, nor from function. It becomes more and more complex, so the requirements for the production machine is higher and higher. Our ELE company provides machines for thousands of paint company from beginning, provide high quality for them. Include decorative paint, Industrial paint, Automotive paint and wooden Paint…etc. 

Paint Production Line

Paint Production Line

Paint Production Machinery

Paint Production Machinery

ELE produce high speed disperser, horizontal bead mill, mixing reactor, filter and filling machine, which are the key machines for the whole production line for paint, emulsion paint, water based paint, solvent based paint, wooden paint, car paint…etc

Feeding system 

1.Vacuum feeding 

Adopting vacuum pump to generate and maintain vacuum in a closed sealed reactor so that it will cause pressure difference to draw powder and liquid materials.

2.Manual feeding

Adopting anti-dust feeding station, which aim at powder feeding.

Besides, it can feed manually directly if the condition is allowed.

3.Pump feeding

Using pneumatic diaphragm pump for powder and liquid material feeding.

4.Vacuum feeder

Vacuum feeder, also known as vacuum conveyor, is a dust-free airtight pipeline conveying equipment with the help of vacuum suction to transmit particles and powdery materials. Using vacuum and environmental space pressure difference, the formation of gas flow in the pipeline, driving powdery material movement, so as to complete the conveying of powder.  

Pre-Mixing system 

We provide different types of pre-Mixing systems for options:

I)EBF Series Hydraulic lift high speed disperser

II)EBF-I Series Fixed type high speed disperser with platform 

III)EBJ/XD Series Butterfly Mixer with scraper for viscosity products 

IV)EBJ/XB Series High speed disperser with scraper for viscosity products 

V)EBF-III Series Double Shaft Mixer for Viscosity products

VI)EBF/IV Series Coaxial Mixer for High viscosity products 

Wet-Grinding System 

There are generally two types of grinding mill: Horizontal bead mill and Basket mill

Horizontal bead mill

We divide the horizontal bead mill into 3 types according to its grinding chamber:

Disc type bead mill

Disc type bead mill are generally used for paint, coating, ink and related chemical grinding, longer grinding chamber and higher discharging speed, price is economic and mostly suitable for micro level grinding.

Disc type bead mill

Pin type bead mill

Pin type bead mill are mainly focusing on nano level grinding, it has high efficiency than disc type bead mill, also pin type bead mill has a better ability to handle viscous material.

Pin type bead mill

Turbo type bead mill

Generally we call turbo type bead mill as the most efficiency grinding mill during the horizontal bead mill family, it’s mainly used for super nano level grinding.

Turbo type bead mill

Basket mill

Basket mill is become more and more popular these years, as it’s handling material by batch, easy to operate and easy to clean, more and more customers start to use basket mill to replace their disc type pin type bead mill as the main grinding machine.

Basket mill

Over the years, ELE has provided thousands of equipments and solutions in the field of paint mixing equipment, ink machinery, dye equipment, In addition, ELE gives technical superiority among the area of fine machining, Our product is concerned by its high efficiency, high reliability and comprehensive benefit,

Filter & filling system 

Filter System by pocket filter cart

Rotary-pump filling machine

Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

(with filling outlet, conveying belt and clipper machine together, clipper can be replaced by capping machine.)

Emulsion paint production 

Emulsion paint includes Interior emulsion paint and Exterior emulsion paint, As for interior emulsion paint, because of smoothness and flatness required, it requires a better fine particle size, so the bead mill is required; As for Exterior paint, it is outside the door, it could be light resistance and  wash resistance, it has no requirements on the particle size. Below is the processing flow for interior emulsion paint & exterior emulsion paint.  

 (Interior emulsion paint)

(Exterior emulsion paint)

Below is one formulation for the emulsion paint 



Disperser agent


Wetting Agent


Titanium Dioxide


barium sulfate


Heavy Calcium


Talcum Powder




Wollastonite powder


Emulsion latex


Coalescing agent


Decorative Paint Production line  

ELE manufactures high class grinding and dispersion equipment with a wide range of applications in the decorative paint industry. Not only for small capacity but also the large capacity output, we provide the turkey plant for decorative paint. ELE EBF series and EBF-I, EBF-II series as the pre-mixing system and EBW series, EDW series, ENW series, EBM series as the grinding equipment. Could fulfill your different demand. 

Automotive Paint Making machine 

ELE is one of the main suppliers which has rich experience in automotive paint production, With full range of dispersion system and wet-grinding systems, EBJ/XB series, EBJ/XD, EBF/IV series for dispersion system and EDW series and EBM series for grinding system. 

ELE project photos                                          

1.Coating production line in Slovenia, Working capacity 2000Tons per year

2.Paint production line in Ghana, working capacity: 5000Tons per year

3.Auto paint manufacturing line in Russia

4.Wooden paint production line in Indonesia

Plant Engineering & Process 

We can offer below for our customers: 

I)Scheme design

We have a professional technical team. It is possible to design water-based and oil-based production plans with an annual output of 50 to 100,000 tons. For example, a semi-automatic continuous large-scale platform-type water-based paint production line. As the picture shows Or small batch water-based, oil-based paint basket mill production line.

II)Equipment selection

According to the application field of the paint and the capacity that the customer wants to choose the machine model and the layout of the production line. Try to recommend equipment from the perspective of saving costs for customers and maximizing productivity.

III) Equipment installation, debugging, operation training.

We will provide customers with accurate installation and layout drawings, and will also dispatch technicians on-site installation instructions until the equipment is operating normally. At the same time, we will give customers detailed explanations and hands-on operation instructions for machine maintenance, maintenance, and emergency treatment.

IV)After sales Service

We provide the 24hours online after-sales service, and arrange our engineer for commission

Maintenance & Services

1.We provide you opeatian manual by chinese or English;

2.Within 12-months warranty period, we promise to change damaged parts free of charge by air or by sea;

3.After the warranty period, we provide maintenance and maintenance service, only charge the cost;

Professional technical supports & Processing Machines

Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.


Fine process center

Fine process center

Polishing center



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